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TRUE OR FALSE In 1932, Water­ton Lakes Na­tional Park, Alta., and Glacier Na­tional Park, Mont., were joined across the 49th to cre­ate what was then the world’s largest park.


Only two prov­inces share border cross­ings with four U.S. states each. Which ones? a) British Columbia and On­tario b) Al­berta and On­tario c) British Columbia and Que­bec d) On­tario and Que­bec


TRUE OR FALSE There are no tun­nel or bridge border cross­ings to the United States be­tween British Columbia and Man­i­toba.


Close to this many Cana­di­ans cur­rently live in the United States. a) 100,000 c) 800,000 b) 500,000 d) 3 mil­lion


This be­came a re­quire­ment for Cana­di­ans en­ter­ing the United States in 2009. a) Declar­ing all pur­chases in ex­cess of $200 b) Pre­sent­ing a driver’s li­cence or other stan­dard gov­ern­ment-is­sued iden­ti­fi­ca­tion card c) Sub­mit­ting to rou­tine ve­hi­cle searches d) Pre­sent­ing a valid pass­port or a Nexus card


How many times does Canada’s south­ern border with the U.S. cross north of the 49th par­al­lel? a) Zero times c) Three times b) Once d) Four times


About 1.5 mil­lion peo­ple cross into Canada from Wash­ing­ton state each year. What state is Canada’s next big­gest source of visi­tors along the 49th par­al­lel? a) Min­nesota c) Mon­tana b) North Dakota d) Idaho


Rank these border states in or­der of most to least vis­ited an­nu­ally by Cana­di­ans. a) Wash­ing­ton c) North Dakota b) Maine d) New York


The Am­bas­sador Bridge, con­nect­ing Wind­sor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich., is the Canada-u.s. border’s — a) high­est cross­ing c) slow­est cross­ing b) busiest cross­ing d) tight­est se­cu­rity cross­ing


This mas­sive, border-cross­ing ecosys­tem is crit­i­cal habi­tat for a high con­cen­tra­tion of large car­ni­vores and nu­mer­ous other en­dan­gered species. a) Rocky Moun­tain Strong­hold b) Cor­ri­dor of the Sun c) Moun­tain Heart d) Crown of the Con­ti­nent

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