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What issue most recently stirred up the centuries-old Canada-u.s. dispute over tiny Machias Seal Island, in the Gulf of Maine? a) Illegal immigratio­n b) The island’s strategic position c) Seabird protection d) Lobster fishing


This is the line of latitude that marks the border between southern Quebec and New York and Vermont. a) 48th parallel c) 40th parallel b) 45th parallel d) 32nd parallel


What per cent of Canadians live within 160 kilometres (100 miles) of the U.S. border? a) 50 b) 60 c) 75 d) 90


Canada has a total of 119 border crossings with the U.S. Which province has the most? a) Quebec c) Manitoba b) Ontario d) British Columbia


How did Canada end up owning all of Vancouver Island, about 7,500 square kilometres of which lies south of the 49th parallel? a) Fort Victoria (now the provincial capital) was establishe­d before the 49th parallel was stretched to the Pacific b) Islands are traditiona­lly not cut in two when determinin­g internatio­nal boundaries c) Inaccurate maps of the day showed all of Vancouver Island lying north of 49 d) a and b


Crews clear the southern “border vista” of trees and brush every five or six years, while Canada’s northern border with Alaska is cleared every 15 years. Why? a) The North is considered less of a liability to national security b) Its remoteness makes it much more difficult to access c) Shorter growing season d) a and b


This part of the Canada-u.s. border was settled in 1903 after a rush of developmen­t in the region a few years before. a) The Yukon-alaska border b) The Alaska Panhandle c) Southern Vancouver Island and the San Juan Islands d) The New Brunswick-main border, including Grand Manan Island


TRUE OR FALSE Many of Canada’s interprovi­ncial/territoria­l borders are drawn along major lines of latitude and longitude.


How many U.S. states does Canada border by land and water? a) 8 b) 10 c) 13 d) 16

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