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TRAVERSÉE DE LA GASPÉSIE À SKI Don’t let the title fool you. The TDLG on skis, as this six-day all-inclusive group journey across the spectacula­r coastline and Chic-choc mountains of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula is known, is actually for skiers and snowshoers. Those in the former group should expect to travel about 35 kilometres each day, while those in the latter category typically cover between 10 and 15. Whatever your chosen mode of transport on the groomed and marked routes, you’ll be traversing a wild winter landscape of pebble beaches and 1,000-metre-high summits that can be as challengin­g (snowstorms and -30 C temperatur­es aren’t unusual) as it is beautiful. The TDLG team covers every aspect of the trek — from the snacks and technical support on the trail to each evening’s accommodat­ion and après-ski entertainm­ent — so all a prospectiv­e skier or snowshoer need do is register and start training. Feb. 17-March 24, 2019;

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