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TORONTO CHRIST­MAS MAR­KET It’s about shop­ping, sure, but Toronto’s yule­tide mar­ket wouldn’t be one of the world’s best if it came only with rib­bons, tags, pack­ages, boxes and bags. So drop the Grinch act and head to the Dis­tillery District ( RIGHT) for the sea­sonal beer gar­dens, hun­dreds of mu­si­cal per­for­mances and stock­ing-fuls of fes­tive fun. Nov. 15-Dec. 23; toron­tochrist­mas­mar­

ICE MU­SIC FES­TI­VAL NOR­WAY Does a B-flat sound any dif­fer­ent when it’s played on a guitar made of ice? Is an ice didgeri­doo a real in­stru­ment? And how, ex­actly, can one keep a grip on a dou­ble bass made of ice? Find out the an­swers to these ques­tions and get an ear­ful of ethe­real mu­sic at the Ice Mu­sic Fes­ti­val in Finse, Nor­way, ( LEFT) where ev­ery in­stru­ment is — you guessed it — made of ice. Feb. 14-16; ice­mu­sicfes­ti­val­nor­

WIN­TER AT THE GREAT WALL The an­cient sec­tions of the iconic for- tifi­ca­tion near Bei­jing are crawl­ing with tourists in the sum­mer, but dur­ing the win­ter you’ll feel like you have them al­most all to your­self. Be sure to bun­dle up — win­ter tem­per­a­tures in and around the Chi­nese cap­i­tal reg­u­larly fall to be­low freez­ing — but the re­ward is worth a few ex­tra lay­ers: phe­nom­e­nal scenes of the wall’s snow­bound sig­nal tow­ers and para­pets stretch­ing into the dis­tance.

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