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TThe Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada, a four-volume set that includes historic and contempora­ry maps and explores a range of themes of importance to First Nation, Inuit and Métis Peoples, was published in September 2018. It has received tons of positive feedback, such as the following. —Ed. I’ve been reading your Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada and was encouraged by Ry Moran’s introducti­on to the Truth and Reconcilia­tion section. I like his vision of Canada as “a nation of many rich traditions … coming together to find solutions to many of the deep-seated social tensions and challenges we face as a collective society. Reconcilia­tion in this regard means arresting the attacks … and working from this day forward in a spirit of mutual respect and understand­ing.” It’s an excellent vision for a place that most of us would be proud to call home. I think the damage European Canadians have imposed on Indigenous Peoples is a symptom of illness within our own culture. Stopping the damage and making amends where possible is certainly a good start, but if we stop there we will be sitting on a time bomb. We need to work on our own healing, too. Thanks for publishing this atlas. It’s a beautiful and valuable collection of books. Garth Thomson Kelowna, B.C.

The #Indigatlas should be required reading for all Canadians. Whole new generation­s will grow up with this terrific resource in schools. Thank you @Cangeo @RCGS_SGRC for enabling a great step forward.

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