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- Stephen Thor Calgary

Imagine my delight when I discovered that our hometown hero,

Bill Lishman, was deservedly included in your list of Canada’s greatest explorers. Explorers are known for the worlds they discovered and for their places of origin. Bill lived and died in Scugog, Ont. We, like you, want to honour his achievemen­ts. We will do so with a memorial structure on the shore of Lake Scugog, where his earliest flights as “Father Goose” took place. We are two-thirds of the way to our target of $150,000. Perhaps your readers would like to participat­e in this fundraisin­g campaign? (Visit —Ed.) William H. Eull Scugog, Ont. There are so many great Canadian explorers who are more obscure, including George Brybucin, Glen Boles and Shane Ringham. George was an avid photograph­er who published approximat­ely 65 photograph­ic books on the Canadian Rockies. Glen is an icon in the climbing circles of Calgary and now a respected and accomplish­ed artist as well. He had a goal of reaching the top of all Canadian Rockies peaks above 3,000 metres; many were first ascents. Shane explored Canada by canoe, from Vancouver to Saint John, N.B. There are many explorers of Canada and each one explores in their own new, wacky or serious way. This is a wonderful leaping off point for discussion.

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