Broiled Hal­ibut With But­tery Tomato Sauce

Be sure to buy fresh, firm fish that has lit­tle to no scent. Cook it the same day you pur­chase it; it makes all the dif­fer­ence to the flavour and tex­ture. The savoury tomato top­ping adds a creamy touch with just a hint of sweet­ness.

Canadian Living - Quick & Easy - - FISH & SEAFOOD -

HANDS-ON TIME: 10 min­utes

TO­TAL TIME: 15 min­utes

MAKES: 4 serv­ings

Sprin­kle fish with salt and pep­per; broil on greased bak­ing sheet un­til fish flakes eas­ily when tested with fork, about 8 min­utes. Steamed Broc­coli: Mean­while, ar­range broc­coli on rack in wok or large saucepan; pour in enough wa­ter to come 1 inch (2.5 cm) be­low rack. Bring to boil; cover and steam un­til ten­der-crisp, about 6 min­utes. Toss with lemon juice, salt and pep­per. But­tery Tomato Sauce: Mean­while, in skillet, melt but­ter over medium-high heat; cook shal­lots and gar­lic, stir­ring, un­til but­ter is browned, about 1 minute. Stir in toma­toes, honey, salt and pep­per; cook, toss­ing, un­til toma­toes be­gin to break down, about 1 minute. Stir in basil; heat un­til wilted. Spoon over fish. Serve with broc­coli. PER SERV­ING: about 211 cal, 26 g pro, 9 g to­tal fat (4 g sat. fat), 7 g carb (3 g di­etary fi­bre, 3 g su­gar), 52 mg chol, 268 mg sodium, 862 mg potas­sium. % RDI: 10% cal­cium, 14% iron, 36% vit A, 75% vit C, 24% fo­late.

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