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Summer may be sizzling, but your skin shouldn’t be. We help you stay sun safe

yAre you sun safe?

ou might expect a sunny sojourn to leave you with sand in your shoes or a lingering margarita headache, but 23-year-old Lisa Knightly* returned from the Caribbean with a lifethreat­ening souvenir: melanoma.

In November 2011, prior to the holiday, “I noticed a new mole on my lower shin,” says the Hamilton-based student. “My family doctor measured it and said not to worry.”

But after a week of intense sun, Lisa’s mole started to swell. “I noticed it had changed, but since my doctor wasn’t originally alarmed, I put off going back to get it checked – something I deeply regret now,” she admits. “When I finally made a followup appointmen­t in early March 2012, I was referred to a dermatolog­ist, who performed a precaution­ary biopsy.”

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