We asked the ex­perts—from life coaches to lead­ers of For­tune 500 com­pa­nies—how they find more min­utes in the day, and they spared a few to share their an­swers.

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Ad­vice to help you find more min­utes in the day

If there’s one thing we prob­a­bly have in com­mon, it’s that we wish we had more time—for work and play, to read and cook, to re­lax and sleep (def­i­nitely to sleep). A quick in­ter­net search says it all: Google “how to get more free time” and you’ll find no short­age of re­sults, from lim­it­ing dis­trac­tions to de­clut­ter­ing to writ­ing your to-do list on an in­dex card (which forces you to pri­or­i­tize tasks since not ev­ery­thing will fit on a teeny card). There are count­less strate­gies de­signed to help you eke out a few ad­di­tional min­utes—or, dare we say it, hours—in the day. Time is prov­ing to be more im­por­tant than ex­tra money, as, ac­cord­ing to one 2016 study by re­searchers at The Univer­sity of Bri­tish Columbia, valu­ing time over the almighty buck leads to greater hap­pi­ness.

Well, if time buys hap­pi­ness, where does that leave us? Su­per busy with work, kids, re­la­tion­ships and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties—that’s where. We know we’re over­sched­uled and tech­nol­ogy-ob­sessed, and we’re def­i­nitely lack­ing down­time. There are only 24 hours—a mere 1,440 min­utes or a scant 86,400 sec­onds—in a day, and the bad news is we can’t change that. But the good news is there are lots of tan­gi­ble ways to make and save time. And no, we’re not talk­ing about brush­ing your teeth in the shower while lis­ten­ing to voice mes­sages, shav­ing your legs and scrub­bing grout. (FYI: Mul­ti­task­ing doesn’t al­ways save you time, as you’re less fo­cused and more likely to make er­rors, to name a cou­ple of rea­sons.)

So how do the busiest among us do it? What do ex­perts such as CEOS, life coaches and coun­sel­lors rec­om­mend for carv­ing out a few more mo­ments in the day? We picked their brains for ad­vice, and they shared their se­crets to sched­ul­ing suc­cess.

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