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½ cup + 1 tbsp co­coa pow­der, di­vided 8 oz dark choco­late, chopped

(about 1½ cups) ¾ cup un­salted but­ter, cubed 1½ tsp in­stant espresso pow­der 1½ tsp vanilla ½ tsp salt 6 eggs, sep­a­rated 1 cup gran­u­lated sugar, di­vided co­coa pow­der for dust­ing Pre­heat oven to 350°F. Mist 9-inch spring­form pan with cook­ing spray; line bot­tom with parch­ment pa­per. Sift 1 tbsp of the co­coa pow­der into pan, tilt­ing and knock­ing pan to evenly cover bot­tom and side.

In large heat­proof bowl set over saucepan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter, melt choco­late with but­ter, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til smooth. Re­move bowl from heat. Stir in espresso pow­der, vanilla and salt. Let cool.

In stand mixer fit­ted with whisk at­tach­ment, beat egg whites on medium-high speed un­til soft peaks form, 1 to 2 min­utes. Grad­u­ally beat in ½ cup of the sugar un­til stiff glossy peaks form, about 3 min­utes. Trans­fer meringue to sep­a­rate bowl.

In stand mixer fit­ted with clean whisk at­tach­ment, beat egg yolks on medium speed for 30 sec­onds. Grad­u­ally beat in re­main­ing ½ cup sugar un­til com­bined, 1 to 2 min­utes. In­crease speed to medi­umhigh; beat un­til thick­ened and pale in colour, about 4 min­utes.

Fold one-third of the choco­late mix­ture into egg yolk mix­ture un­til com­bined. Trans­fer egg yolk mix­ture to choco­late bowl; fold un­til com­bined. Fold one-third of the meringue into choco­late bowl. Sift re­main­ing ½ cup co­coa pow­der over choco­late; fold un­til no streaks re­main. Fold in the re­main­ing meringue un­til no streaks re­main. Scrape into pre­pared pan, smooth­ing top.

Bake un­til cake is set and cake tester in­serted in cen­tre comes out clean, 40 to 45 min­utes. Let cool in pan on rack. Run par­ing knife around edge of pan to re­lease cake. Re­move col­lar; slide cake onto serv­ing plate. Dust with 2 tsp co­coa pow­der be­fore serv­ing.

PER EACH OF 12 SERV­INGS about 326 cal, 6 g pro, 22 g to­tal fat (13 g sat. fat), 28 g carb (3 g di­etary fi­bre, 22 g sugar), 124 mg chol, 139 mg sodium, 238 mg potas­sium. % RDI: 3% cal­cium, 23% iron, 14% vit A, 6% fo­late.

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