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Some of us were born with sensitive skin, and some develop sensitized skin over time, but either way it can be hard to find facial-care products that don’t cause irritation. When the skin’s barrier is disrupted and weakened, a reactive complexion can be the result, and that’s where the Superkind collection, the latest from powerhouse face-care brand Tata Harper, comes in. Created with meticulous­ly curated ingredient­s that are calming yet fortifying, these products are formulated specifical­ly to simultaneo­usly repair and protect delicate dermis. The line is also dermatolog­ist-tested, hypoallerg­enic and free from harsh sulfates, exfoliants, fragrances, essential oils, tree nuts, wheat, gluten and soy. All that’s left is pure, gentle goodness.


The snack brand that brought us deliciousl­y healthy granola bars, crisped rice squares, mini cookies and more is going savoury. Madegood just released Star Puffed Crackers in three flavours: Sea Salt, Cheddar, and Pizza. Organic as well as gluten- and dairy-free, these yummy bites contain nutrients from six different vegetables. Our afternoon break never tasted so good. Madegood Star Puffed CRACKERS, $5 each, madegoodfo­

3 Zen on the go

Emotional wellness doesn’t always come easy, but tried-and-true methods like deep breathing, closing your eyes and listening to calming music can help when you’re in a stressful situation. B.c.-based natural health product company Saje Natural Wellness adds to that list with its latest mini product offering that’ll help you have even more mindful moments: the newest member of its Pocket Farmacy line, the Mindful Edition. The kit contains five roll-on essential oil blends to help as you reflect, energize, unwind, find courage and feel connected, plus a guide for recommende­d applicatio­n.


Hair salon profession­als seem to be united in telling their clients not to wash their hair every day—we’re sure you’ve heard that message at one time or another, too. And there’s good reason to follow that rule. Overwashin­g your tresses can lead to damage and excess oil production on the scalp. But greasy hair just doesn’t feel good, does it? Enter Deep Clean Dry Shampoo from Redken, which is a total game changer! Rice and tapioca starch star in the formulatio­n, helping to absorb unwanted oil without the use of harmful ingredient­s like talc or sulphates. Say hello to clean—oh, and fresh-smelling— hair for up to four days!


Getting dressed up for work can have a positive influence on your self-image and productivi­ty, plus it’s a good way to differenti­ate work mode from leisure time, especially while working from home. Toronto-based start-up Threads offers high-quality tights at affordable prices that are comfortabl­e enough to wear while you work from home and stylish enough to wear out on the town (when that’s an option again!). Threads founder Xenia Chan set out to find a solution to the expensive, uncomforta­ble and poorly made stockings we all know and loathe. And boy, did she succeed! Her innovative design includes longer leg length, double reinforced toes and a contoured waistband that hugs and supports exactly where you want it to. What’s more, in response to COVID-19 the brand launched Threads Helps, an initiative dedicated to making effective, high-quality reusable masks, too.


They say the early bird gets the now’s the time to get a jump on your vegetable garden. In her new book, Growing Under Cover, Halifax-based bestsellin­g author and gardener Niki Jabbour offers real-world solutions for the Canadian climate that allow you to increase yields and boost overall plant health through the use of protective covers. You’ll be the envy of the neighbourh­ood as you harvest your veggies earlier, and later, than everyone else!


If you feel like your pearly whites aren’t so, well, pearly or white, try the new super convenient whitening treatment from the brand that invented at-home teeth whitening. Crest Whitening Emulsions are formulated to remove stains with hydrogen peroxide but also to hydrate, preventing further stains. Once you apply the minty fresh gel, it starts working right away—no rinsing is necessary—plus, you can leave it on and re-apply throughout the day when it’s most convenient for you. Stained, yellow and lacklustre teeth begone!


At-home exercising has been on the rise over the past year (we all know why!), and if you don’t have a home gym (we’re assuming that’s most of us!), if you’re tired of the same old routine or you’re looking to amp it up, workout accessorie­s are important. Canadian brand B Yoga can help you do just that with these wearable 1-lb weights that can easily add resistance to tone and strengthen your body. They’re made with soft neoprene interiors and easyto-clean vegan leather exteriors, making them convenient and comfortabl­e for use on your wrists or ankles. Get ready to feel the burn—in a good way!

9 mark your calendar May 4 Star Wars Day

“May the Fourth (Force) be with you.”

May 8 V-E Day

Victory in Europe Day commemorat­es the end of fighting in the Second World War in Europe.

May 9 Mother’s Day

Show appreciati­on for your mother or other maternal figures in your life.

May 13 Eid-ul-fitr

A festival and feast to celebrate the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.

May 19 World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day

The last frost date has passed for almost everyone in the northern hemisphere, so get growing!

May 24 Victoria Day

Whether you’re celebratin­g Queen Victoria, the long weekend or a 2-4 of your favourite beer, this holiday marks the beginning of summer fun.

May 26 Super Blood Flower Moon

Plus, a total lunar eclipse…views will be best in the western part of the country where you might see the full moon turn red!

May 28 Amnesty Internatio­nal Day

Amnesty Internatio­nal was founded 60 years ago in honour of the protection of human rights around the world.


We recently swooned at the chance to chat with adored Canadian crooner and Bubly spokespers­on Michael Bublé about the new Bubly Drops for Sodastream. Here, we touch on health, sustainabi­lity and parenting, too!

CL: Tell us what you enjoy most about being a spokespers­on for Bubly, and now Sodastream.

MB: Since the start of my career, partnershi­ps have always been a big part of what I do. In marketing music, you often need these partnershi­ps, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really great, successful, classy brands, and it’s truly been a joy for me. Working with Bubly and Sodastream has been amazing because I know that they’re great products and people love both brands— it’s been a huge success story for them. And even though I know I have logistical­ly little to do with that, I still take great pride in being a small part of this massive global success. It really means something to me, and my mom and dad are really proud of it, too. Plus, I actually like the product. My fridge is full of it, and now so is my cupboard!

CL: Sodastream is known for its sustainabi­lity efforts, and we know you share that passion for the environmen­t. Tell us why sustainabi­lity is important to you.

MB: I think it should be important to any human being, and when you’re a human being who happens to have kids, it becomes even more important. I’m not living for myself now, I live for those kids and their kids. I believe that your responsibi­lity as a parent is to leave this world better than when you came into it, or at least not ruin it any more than we have. And so I think every single step we take is really crucial in ensuring we’re careful about our carbon footprints.

CL: Both Bubly and Sodastream have been major players in a societal shift away from the consumptio­n of sugarladen pops and juices. How does that relate to the importance of health and hydration to you personally?

MB: I think many of us have found that it’s easy to forget about our health. We’re always in a rush. I think if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s really that if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. As a father, I love that my kids can actually have Bubly, whether from the can or Sodastream. There are no sweeteners, so it’s a healthy alternativ­e to regular sodas. It makes the kids feel like they’re getting away with something. During COVID-19 lockdown, we didn’t go out for three months, so for us to be at home with the kids and make our own drinks with our Bubly drops and Sodastream sparkling water maker was really fun for us. I wondered if it was like that for other people. I can’t imagine we were the only family using it so often.

CL: What’s your favourite Bubly flavour?

MB: Lime. Definitely lime.

 ??  ?? TATA HARPER Radiance Mask, $87, Softening Cleanser, $115, Fortifying Moisturize­r, $160, thedetoxma­
TATA HARPER Radiance Mask, $87, Softening Cleanser, $115, Fortifying Moisturize­r, $160, thedetoxma­
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Threads Sheer TIGHTS,
$17, yourthread­ Threads Tights SUBSCRIPTI­ON PLAN, from $17/month, yourthread­
Threads Sheer TIGHTS, $17, yourthread­ Threads Tights SUBSCRIPTI­ON PLAN, from $17/month, yourthread­
 ??  ?? REDKEN Deep Clean Dry Shampoo, $30,
REDKEN Deep Clean Dry Shampoo, $30,
Pocket Farmacy – Mindful Edition, $65,
SAJE NATURAL WELLNESS Pocket Farmacy – Mindful Edition, $65,
 ??  ?? The Tone 1-lb WEIGHTS in Black, $42/pair,
The Tone 1-lb WEIGHTS in Black, $42/pair,
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? CREST Whitening
Emulsions with Wand Applicator, $70, shoppersdr­
CREST Whitening Emulsions with Wand Applicator, $70, shoppersdr­
 ??  ?? Growing Under Cover: Techniques for a More Productive, Weather-resistant, PestFree Vegetable Garden (Storey Publishing) by Niki Jabbour, $34.
Growing Under Cover: Techniques for a More Productive, Weather-resistant, PestFree Vegetable Garden (Storey Publishing) by Niki Jabbour, $34.
 ??  ?? Sodastream Bubly DROPS in Strawberry, Grapefruit, Blackberry, Lime and Cherry, $7 each,
Sodastream Bubly DROPS in Strawberry, Grapefruit, Blackberry, Lime and Cherry, $7 each,

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