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Under Armour Horizon RTT

Women’s 281 g (9.9 oz.) Men’s 329 g (12 oz.) Drop ratio: 7 mm $105


The Horizon is now in its second generation and has found a following as a straightfo­rward neutral trail shoe for grimy conditions. There are two notable features that describe what this shoe does best. First, the upper is made entirely of a two distinct pieces: a polyureath­ane piece with perforated segments for breathabil­ity, and a padded yet structured heel collar. The combinatio­n makes for a secure, comfy fit, with a great deal of resistance to the elements. All the structural overlays around the arch are welded to cut down on excess weight and to keep the look clean and minimal.

The second defining feature is in the aggressive outsole. It’s very aggressive, using a bilateral grip pattern for digging into sloppy terrain both up and down hills. Coupled with the Charged cushioning – essentiall­y a big foam puck of softer material inserted below the heel for added comfort during hard landings – it’s a nice, trustworth­y package for the trails.

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