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Altra Superior 3.5

Women’s 232 g (8.2 oz.) Men’s 292 g (10.3 oz.) Drop ratio: 0 mm $150


The Superior 3.5 is a fairly low-stack height shoe, more akin to the minimalist shoes that were all the rage a few years back. That said, there is enough midsole cushioning that your feet won’t feel too worn out after a sizeable trail run. The primary improvemen­t from version 3.0 is to the upper, which is now much more durable. The Superior also has other nice little trail touches, such as a tab to hold down gaiters and a removable rock plate.

The Superior handles loose terrain quite well, and is a well-rounded shoe for hitting some loose, dry singletrac­k. The super-wide toe box is Altra’s signature, and the Superior provides all kinds of room to splay your toes out. Of course, this, like all other Altra shoes, is zero drop, meaning the forefoot and the heel are resting at the same level above the ground. It’s a very specific style of shoe that has a strong cult following. If you enjoy putting your feet to work a bit when you run, the Superior 3.4 is a solid update by Altra.

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