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Arc’teryx Norvan LD

Women’s 260 g (9.2 oz.) Men’s: 310 g (10.9 oz.) Drop ratio: 9 mm $200


Last year, Canadian outdoor company Arc’teryx released its first trail shoe, the Norvan VT, focused primarily on tricky mountainou­s ascents. The Norvan LD stands for, you guessed it, “long distance.” It provides a firm, responsive ride quality, but the LD has more midsole foam in order to take the load off for a demanding endurance effort.

Arc’teryx is a master at styling, and the Norvan LD looks a little different than the vast majority of trail shoes on the market – it’s refined and minimal, similar to some of the Salomon (its sibling company) designs, but even more pared down. In terms of performanc­e, the Norvan LD is a touch firmer than most shoes touted to be designed for the long haul, but our testers liked how responsive it is, and felt it never developed into feeling “dull,” as can be the case after hours on the trail with a firmer shoe.

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