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Other items to throw in your pack for any run

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Although we hit the trails to escape modern life, a phone may become a lifesaver if you get seriously turned around; but be aware that many remote areas don’t have a reliable cell signal.


Useful if you are lost or sense a potential animal threat on the trail.

Light, packable jacket

Weather can shift quickly, particular­ly out in the mountains. Every serious trail running apparel maker now produces a jacket that’s featherlig­ht and remarkably resistant to the elements.

Emergency blanket

If the situation goes from bad to worse, a Mylar emergency blanket (like the ones you get in a race finishing chute) can become a last line of defence from the elements. They weigh almost nothing, so bringing one is a no-brainer.

Waterproof matches

If you need to start a fire, you’re going to need a way to get it started. Make sure the matches can withstand rain and sweat.

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