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The Argus and the Gaea, men’s and women’s coldweathe­r running jackets respective­ly, both get overhauls from Arc’teryx. Each are super light, yet toasty for dry, colder conditions. The slightly tweaked composite constructi­on is more ergonomica­lly designed for an even better fit.

The focus of these two models is on breathabil­ity during cold running conditions. Arc’teryx uses Octa Loft Synthetic Insulation, which the brand describes as “air-permeable material,” and our testers found it to be warm without getting clammy on the inside. This is because the design allows air to flow out of the material, while the outer layer is wind-resistant to maintain thermo-regulation.

Lumin, an extremely light, yet breathable and water-resistant nylon, coats the front panel of both the Gaea and the Argus. It’s also pretty much tear-proof, which is ideal when battling along singletrac­k. Both the Argus and the Gaea feature many nice little touches, revealing that the designer is themselves an experience­d runner. Bounce-free stash pockets on the back work brilliantl­y, and the integrated thumb loops are a wise design feature that should be in every cold-weather jacket. The fit and finish of the Argus and Gaea are what you’d expect from a very high-quality and versatile running jacket.— MD

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