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While not a lud­dite, I’d be re­miss if I didn’t men­tion the other side of the ar­gu­ment – that a lack of tech­nol­ogy gives some run­ners an ad­van­tage. Au­thor Christo­pher McDougall asks whether the lack of tech­nol­ogy in cer­tain cul­tures pro­duces some of the best dis­tance run­ners in the world, such as the Tarahu­mara of Mex­ico and the Kalen­jin of East Africa.

“Once gim­micks take over and tech­nique is scut­tled, you can ex­pect up to 90 per cent of all marathon run­ners to be­come in­jured. And they are,” writes McDougall. “But ul­ti­mately, the de­bate isn’t about Bare Soles vs. Shoes. It’s about learn­ing to run gen­tly. Master that, and you can wear – or not wear – any­thing you please.”

As for other run­ning tech­nol­ogy like our sen­sors and de­vices, Dr. James Aw, Chief Med­i­cal Of­fi­cer at Med­can who writes about health and tech­nol­ogy, ad­vises giv­ing tech­nol­ogy a bed­time and some­times leav­ing the tech at home. “Re­mem­ber that you con­trol your de­vices. They shouldn’t con­trol you,” the doc­tor ad­vises. Ta­nia Hass is a health and well­ness writer and reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to Cana­dian Run­ning.

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