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Re­sis­tance Band Work­out

- By Jon-Erik Kawamoto Home Workouts · Healthy Living · Fitness

This re­sis­tance band work­out will make you feel the mus­cles that are im­por­tant for strong run­ning: thighs, glutes and ham­strings. The band en­ables stronger con­trac­tions of the tar­geted mus­cles dur­ing each ex­er­cise and makes the ex­er­cises more dif­fi­cult and there­fore more ef­fec­tive. Con­tin­u­ous cir­cu­lar bands with light-to-medium re­sis­tance are best, and can be or­dered on­line from your favourite lo­cal run­ning re­tailer.

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