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Malindi El­more and Trevor Hof­bauer sign spon­sor­ship deals with Sau­cony

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On Nov. 17, Cana­dian marathon record holder Malindi El­more of Kelowna, B.C., signed with Sau­cony – her first spon­sor­ship deal in years. El­more, who turns 40 on March 13, com­peted at the 2004 Olympics in the 1,500m and re­tired from the sport in 2012 to raise her fam­ily. She com­peted in triathlons for a few years and started coach­ing be­fore re­turn­ing to run­ning in 2018, this time in the marathon. And on Jan. 6, the brand an­nounced a part­ner­ship with 2019 Cana­dian marathon cham­pion Trevor Hof­bauer, the first of a pos­si­ble three Cana­dian men to be named to Team Canada in the marathon for the Tokyo Olympics later this year.

El­more took an un­con­ven­tional but prag­matic ap­proach to the de­ci­sion to sign with the brand, test­ing its flag­ship car­bon-plated marathon shoe, the En­dor­phin Pro, in the lab against the Nike Va­por­fly Next% (which she wore to set the Cana­dian record at the Hous­ton Marathon in Jan­uary 2020). As re­ported by Alex Hutchin­son in Out­side, El­more had mis­giv­ings about Nike’s treat­ment of its fe­male ath­letes and wanted to know ex­actly what she might be giv­ing up by sign­ing with a dif­fer­ent brand. The tests re­vealed that in terms of her run­ning econ­omy, the shoes per­formed about the same.

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