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Seriously Vanilla 690 g $39.95, free shipping

This new post-run recovery product by an Ontario-based startup contains an ideal mix of carbs (to replenish glycogen stores), protein (to promote muscle repair) and electrolyt­es (to replace those lost through sweat) — and, bottom line, it tastes great.

2 Runners & Co. founder Sandy Sahota and managing partner Keith Peppy are both longtime, experience­d runners driven by their passion for the sport, and for products geared specifical­ly to runners’ needs, as distinct from those of other types of athletes. Look for more innovative products from this team in the months and years to come.

Each scoop contains 20 g of complete, plant-based protein per serving (derived from fava bean, pea and organic rice) and an equal amount of carbohydra­te, including 8 g of sugar and 12 g of slow carbs from sweet potato flour; the company has found that 1:1 is the ideal ratio of protein to carbs to optimize recovery. And if you’re looking for more carbohydra­te, just add fruit. You’ll be fully recovered and bursting with energy for your next tempo run, long run or workout, every time. Each serving also contains 327 mg sodium, 76 mg potassium, 34 mg calcium and supplies 60 per cent of your recommende­d daily iron. 177 calories per serving.

Runner’s Protein is made in a nut-free facility and is gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. Approximat­ely 15 servings in every 690 g tub.

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