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- Stoko K1 TIGHT AND K1 BREATHE TIGHT Men’s and women’s sizes available $500 (covered by insurance plans)

Contrary to popular (i.e., non-runner) belief, running is not bad for your knees. But for runners with previous injuries from sports that actually do wreck your knees (like skiing, snowboardi­ng or hockey), good news: Stoko, a Vancouver-based company, has created a high-tech compressio­n tight that’s actually a knee brace.

Traditiona­l knee braces are cumbersome, and always seem to be either uncomforta­bly tight or slipping down the leg – and they’re difficult to wash. The K1 Tight’s support comes from 36 metres of cable embedded in the stretchy, breathable knit fabric that’s adjusted for each leg separately via control knobs on the outside of the waistband. The tights provide just as much fully adjustable, alldirecti­onal stability as a traditiona­l knee brace, supporting a full range of motion, with medical-grade compressio­n to boot. Plus, they’re machine-washable.

The product is endorsed by amateur and profession­al athletes and medical profession­als. And it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy running and other sports while rehabbing, or looking to prevent, knee injuries.

 ??  ?? Stoko K1 Breathe Tight
Stoko K1 Breathe Tight
 ??  ?? Stoko K1 Tight
Stoko K1 Tight

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