Canadian Running

Liz Gleadle, 33



Three-time Olympian, 11-time Canadian champion and national record holder

“Running is an integral part of my training,” says Liz Gleadle, adding that she runs “to help identify any weakness in [her] body,” evening out imbalances from her sport, which is asymmmetri­cal, and allowing her to keep throwing far as the season progresses. Her fall running regime begins with interval runs, the goal being to work up to a smooth 20–25 minute run up to three times a week for a sixweek period.

Gleadle, who placed fourth in the javelin at the 2022 Commonweal­th Games, says she only learned proper running mechanics after becoming an Olympian: “It’s only recently in my career that I really put the effort into running, and I’m pretty good at it. I think everyone who wants to run can learn in a short period of time.”

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