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Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex



MEN’S: 316 g (11 oz.) WOMEN’S: 265 g (9.3 oz.) DROP: 9.5 mm


$210 Nike’s popular road-to-trail shoe is now available in a waterproof version, so you get the comfort of the Pegasus in a shoe that can handle not only variable terrain, but dodgy weather as well.

The Gore-Tex version of the Peg Trail 3 seems almost identical to the regular version in every way except for the stretchy fabric heel collar, as opposed to the regular version’s padded collar (to form more of a barrier against rain; the brand refers to it as a gaiter, but that’s overtstati­ng things a bit), though there is still plenty of cushioning below it. It still has a moderately firm React foam midsole (the same material used in the last few versions of the regular Pegasus), a padded, gussetted tongue, a lacing system that nicely distribute­s the load over your instep and a webbed heel loop to pull you securely into the shoe. There’s also plenty of protection for your toes at the front, and some fairly minimal support around the outside of the heel. Note: there is a 4th version of the regular (non-Gore-Tex) Pegasus Trail.

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