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Canadian Wildlife - - CANADA’S ARCTIC -

MUSKOX Ovi­bos moscha­tus

be­lieved to have crossed the Ber­ing Strait to Canada about 90,000 years ago lifts and drops its mas­sive head to break the snow crust when it be­comes too hard to paw through stocky and com­pact build, roughly hu­man chest height, but adult bulls weigh 270 to 315 kg slow and de­lib­er­ate in its move­ments, but can run and climb with great agility its wool, qiviut, is stronger and eight times warmer than sheep’s wool, but finer than cash­mere, and is shed in mid­sum­mer; long, coarse hairy layer cov­ers and pro­tects the wool trav­els in large mixed herds in win­ter; breaks into smaller groups in mat­ing sea­son most of Canada’s 85,000 muskoxen are found on the Arc­tic is­lands, es­pe­cially Banks and Vic­to­ria is­lands has been un­der Cana­dian govern­ment pro­tec­tion since 1917; with re­cov­ery since, some Inuit hunt­ing is per­mit­ted IUCN sta­tus: least con­cern

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