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The rub­ber boa is a small, se­cre­tive, noc­tur­nal snake, that looks like it is made of plas­ticine and ap­pears to have two heads. Pretty cool

South­ern British Columbia, in moist for­est and grass­lands


No con­cern


Canada’s “two-headed” snake


The rub­ber boa is a small, se­cre­tive, noc­tur­nal snake. Be­cause it hides un­der rocks and logs and in­side ro­dent bur­rows, it is un­known to most peo­ple even though it is fairly com­mon in some ar­eas. The rub­ber boa is a minia­ture mem­ber of the boa fam­ily, fa­mous for its larger trop­i­cal rel­a­tives, in­clud­ing the leg­endary boa con­stric­tor. The rub­ber boa gets its name be­cause of its plas­ticine-like ap­pear­ance. When picked up, this docile rep­tile never bites and peace­fully coils in your hand or wraps its smooth, silky body around your fin­gers or wrist. When alarmed, the in­of­fen­sive boa curls into a ball, hid­ing its head be­neath its body and con­spic­u­ously ex­pos­ing the blunt tip of its tail, which looks re­mark­ably like a sec­ond head.

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