This sum­mer, in parks across the coun­try, you can en­counter (or avoid) ex­traor­di­nary crea­tures

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Torn­gat Moun­tains Na­tional Park MINKE WHALE (Balaenopte­ra acu­toros­trata)

You’re most likely to spot these small baleen whales in the fiords and bays of this na­tional park — but keep your eyes peeled, be­cause minke whales are no­to­ri­ously elu­sive. Al­though this species is not at risk ac­cord­ing to the fed­eral species at risk reg­istry, death tolls ap­pear to be ris­ing as a re­sult of ship strikes and en­tan­gle­ment in fish­ing gear.

Min­gan Ar­chi­pel­ago Na­tional Park Re­serve AT­LANTIC PUF­FIN (Frater­cula arc­tica)

Twelve species of seabirds sum­mer and breed in this re­serve, but At­lantic puffins are def­i­nitely the showiest. They hang out at sea un­til spring, when they re­turn to the same sea-cliff nest­ing sites each year. Ba­bies hatch July to Au­gust.

Rid­ing Moun­tain Na­tional Park PLAINS BISON (Bison bison)

Spot this iconic species as you drive through a 500-hectare en­clo­sure on the Lake Audy plain. The fenc­ing is de­signed to limit the dis­tur­bance to other wildlife, which can roam freely in and out of the park.

Grass­lands Na­tional Park NORTH­ERN LEOP­ARD FROG (Litho­bates pip­i­ens)

You can find this black-spot­ted, bright-green frog in the park’s wet­lands and muddy sites. They can leap up to one me­tre, so watch out for hops! Keep an eye out when you’re driv­ing, too: many frogs are killed each year on roads.

Pa­cific Rim Na­tional Park Re­serve PA­CIFIC BA­NANA SLUG (Ari­oli­max columbianu­s)

Spot this big land-far­ing mol­lusk on mossy logs or in moist spa­ces along the trail — watch that you don’t step on one! Ba­nana slugs can be bright yel­low, spot­ted or greeny-brown. If you see one of the yel­low ones, you’ll know where their name comes from.

A Per­fect Day for Ba­nana Slugs, Pa­cific Rim Na­tional Park Re­serve

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