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I must commend Cape Breton Post sports reporter Jeremy Fraser on the amazing job he has done in keeping the local sports section interestin­g over the last year at a time when there were very few sports to report on.

Jeremy’s stories on the history of current and former Cape Breton athletes and teams have made the sports pages even more interestin­g than usual in my opinion.

In the June 10 edition of the Post alone, he has interviews with former NHLers Al MacInnis and Paul Boutilier and onetime Cape Breton Oilers general manager Dave Andrews who are all giants in our local hockey history.

Jeremy’s ability to keep track of athletes with Cape Breton connection­s and to conduct insightful interviews has been a highlight of the Post for me since COVID-19 brought live sports to an abrupt halt.

Keep up the great work!

Darryl Poirier

Sydney River

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