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EU taking steps against Hungary’s anti-LGBT bill


The European Commission will take action against Hungary over planned new restrictio­ns on LGBT rights, the head of the bloc's executive announced on Wednesday, saying they violated fundamenta­l EU values.

Hungary's parliament last week approved a bill that bans the disseminat­ion of material in schools deemed to promote homosexual­ity or gender change, despite protests and criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties.

“The Hungarian bill is a shame,” European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen told reporters in Brussels, stressing the EU would not compromise on principles such as human dignity, equality and the respect for human rights.

“I have instructed my responsibl­e commission­ers to write to the Hungarian authoritie­s expressing our legal concerns before the bill enters into force.”

Hungary's president, a former lawmaker from the ruling Fidesz party, is expected soon to sign the bill into law. (Reuters)

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