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Football breakthrou­gh


The day when a profession­al athlete coming out as gay isn’t big news can’t come quickly enough.

In fact, the sooner that gay athletes’ sexual orientatio­n is no longer seen as relevant, the better.

For now, however, LGBTQ people sadly too often still face ignorance, discrimina­tion and even outright hatred. They continue to be harassed, assaulted and even murdered due to their sexual orientatio­n, even in countries that boast progressiv­e cultures.

That’s what makes Carl Nassib’s decision this week to come out so noteworthy.

For LGBTQ youth struggling with acceptance and self-doubt, Nassib has instantly provided a strong role model, showing it’s possible to be true to yourself while pursuing a career in a field you love.

That’s especially true for LGBTQ youth in sports.

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