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There have been some active pro athletes in the past who’ve been openly gay, but not many. And never in the NFL. A few NFL players did reveal they were gay after they retired.

As long as ignorance and discrimina­tion are still out there, high-profile people proudly affirming they are gay sends an important — and glaringly obvious to many — message: Sexual orientatio­n is irrelevant to a person’s worth or humanity.

In this region, for example, openly gay politician­s like Seamus O’Regan of Newfoundla­nd and Labrador, Scott Brison, Joanne Bernard and Cecil Clarke of Nova Scotia, and Wade MacLauchla­n of P.E.I., Canada’s first openly gay premier, have helped reinforce the simple truth.

Let’s hope Nassib’s decision helps move the social yardsticks.

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