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Systems at a stand-still

- CINDY DAY weathermai­l@weatherbyd­ CindyDayWe­ather Cindy Day is chief meteorolog­ist for SaltWire Network.

Our morning sunshine is compliment­s of a lovely area of high pressure that currently sits near Sable Island.

That fair-weather system is not expected to move very much over the next several days. Elsewhere, you’ll find a frontal boundary that stretches from a stalled lowpressur­e system over Hudson Bay down to the state of Texas. Over the next several days, pulses of energy will race up along that line, each one strengthen­ing the warm southweste­rly circulatio­n across our region.

We’ll see more clouds than sun as the stagnant air mass becomes increasing­ly humid; humidex values will range from 35 to 40 through the early part of next week. By midweek, the line of instabilit­y will drop, and the wind will swing around to the north, if only for a day.

I’m watching a more welldefine­d weather-maker that could drop 20 to 30 mm of rain on Thursday.

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