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An estimated 1,500 families in the Cape Breton Regional Municipali­ty (CBRM) are reaping the benefits of a program offered by the Cape Breton Regional Library. That’s how many households participat­ed in the Cape Breton Seed Library this year.

A few months ago, the library advertised on Facebook that you could order 10 packages of seeds from a selection of flowers and vegetables. The seeds could be picked up curbside at any of the library locations or mailed directly to your home. How’s that for convenienc­e in a pandemic!

I haven’t grown vegetables since my younger days, but I ordered the seeds, picked up soil at the local garden centre and gathered up containers for planting.

This was a great activity during the COVID-19 lockdown. I find myself watching over my plants like a mother hen. Recently, I enjoyed my first batch of spinach with my scrambled eggs for breakfast. It just felt so good knowing that I had grown the spinach instead of buying it at the supermarke­t.

There has been a lot of media coverage lately on the need for a new central library. The seed program is proof that a library is more than books. A library is an asset to the community designed to improve the lives of the residents.

This is the second year for the seed program and I hope that it will continue into the future. My suggestion for next year would be to include herbs in the seed offerings.

Happy gardening to all the residents who participat­ed in the seed program.

Yvonne Kennedy Homeville

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