Cape Breton Post

Fuel prices up this week


SYDNEY — Gasoline and diesel prices have risen this week across the province following the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board’s weekly price adjustment.

In Cape Breton, that means the minimum price for a litre of regular unleaded self-serve gasoline is now 134.2 cents per litre, while the maximum price is set at 136.8 cents per litre.

Last week, the minimum price was 131.1 cents per litre and the maximum price was 133.7 cents per litre.

As for diesel, this week’s minimum price is 125.1 per litre of self-service — up from 123.7 cents per litre last week.

The maximum diesel price is now 127.5 cents per litre, which is up from 126.1 cents per litre last week.

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