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Keeping your summer cool

- KARL LOHNES @Karl Lohnes @saltwirene­twork

Here are some cool ideas to lower the temperatur­es for a comfortabl­e night’s sleep when it’s hot and humid outside. If the hot weather this month is any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be one scorching summer. For those with centrally installed air conditioni­ng, you’ll sleep well through the hot nights. But for those looking at ways to cool down your bedroom, I’ve searched out a few options to help you. From air circulatio­n, temperatur­e cooling or the right bedding accessorie­s, I’ve got some cool things to lower the temps for a comfortabl­e summer’s night sleep.

A window-style air conditione­r is a great way to spot cool your bedroom or small spaces. Because cold air falls, I like to install window air conditione­rs in windows on upper floors in the house, so that eventually the temperatur­e in the entire house lowers as the cooler air drops. The downfall of a traditiona­l window air conditione­r is that they take up a lot of precious window space, can be difficult to install and can be noisy.

I’m loving the split air conditione­rs (the cooling is delivered quietly from the inside unit and the heat, water and noise is outside in separate unit). Quebecbase­d manufactur­er Forest Air’s version is small in size (the inside unit can sit on a tabletop) and can be moved from room to room when needed. Plus, the connector hose/wires passing inside to outside take only a few inches of window space. It’s a DIY install, meaning no HVAC or electronic experts are needed.

Because of their quiet nature, portable mini split air conditione­rs are perfect for small apartments or bedrooms (they cool up to 450 square feet) and can be easily taken with you if you move.


Intense summer heat can contribute to lack of sleep, especially on sweltering nights. Sometimes, even a ceiling fan or air conditioni­ng still don’t make it comfortabl­e, especially if you have a mattress that traps heat under your body. The solution isn’t always to purchase a brandnew mattress. A breathable mattress topper can add extra comfort and also release heat.

Breathable toppers add comfort for too-firm mattresses and most are made

with antimicrob­ial foam that helps reduce the growth of bacteria, dust and allergens (which helps extend the lifespan of your mattress). Toppers also have many tiny holes to let heat escape. More comfort (especially on older, less supportive mattresses) and cooler temps — it’s like an instant upgrade for your bed.


A ceiling fan is a great way to keep the air moving during the warm weather. In the summer, you want the fan drawing down so you feel the cooling breeze. Ceiling fans are also a great accompanim­ent to central air conditioni­ng; on upper floors set the fan to draw air upward, which will keep the cool air from vents fro falling to lower levels. Although not always a favourite item of decorators, the practical value a ceiling fan offers during the summer can outweigh the visual of having one hanging in the middle of a room.

For those of you who, like me, don’t like the look of ceiling fans, I have found the perfect option. Eurofase’s 22inch Nickel ceiling fan looks more like a pendant light than a fan. It has an LED lighting option to illuminate the room and transparen­t blades that are housed inside a white glass and nickel shade. Plus, its 22-inch diameter won’t overpower a small space, making this a perfect for a bedroom, hallway or apartment. Now that’s a fan I’m a fan of!


Here are a few tried and tested tricks to stay cool on a sweltering night:

• Lay a towel at the bottom of your mattress. Dampen a pair of low-rise socks and wear them with the fan blowing on your feet.

• Keep a top floor bathroom exhaust fan on to draw out the warm air while drawing up cool air from downstairs.

• Use breathable cotton or linen bedsheets to help prevent body heat from building up under the covers.

 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D ?? Keep it cool and quiet while saving space this summer. Forest Air MINI 8000 BTU portable split air conditione­r, $955,
CONTRIBUTE­D Keep it cool and quiet while saving space this summer. Forest Air MINI 8000 BTU portable split air conditione­r, $955,
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