Cape Breton Post

BURKE, Aloysius "Brother"


We as a family are hurting and having pain in our hearts as we write this letter. We are expressing our emotions, our grate fullness at this time. To every person who tried to assist us with our loss. This moment in time will be everlastin­g. Al, [Brother] was my Husband and Dad to his boys. His loss is very devastatin­g to us and his many friends. Brother spoke highly of his many friends. He never experience­d enemies; every person was made to the likeness of GOD. He was happy to see and talk to everyone. High

regard and thanks to every doctor or nurse involved in Brother’s care. Respite care at Harboursto­ne was excellent. Senior Daycare staff

were very caring. To the MacGillvar­y Guest Home these people go above and beyond. They make their guests happy and content. We shall never forget all the people involved with Brother’s care.

Verna, Ken, Bruce Burke

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