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Scottish Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond

- By David Dobson

While this publicatio­n identifies the major sources and repositori­es for those just getting started on their research, what makes this book stand out from all the rest is its focus on the other, less commonly used, sources that will allow researcher­s to advance their research. For each research topic—including statutory registers, church records, tax records, sasines and land registers, court records, military and maritime sources, burgh and estate records, emigration records, and much more—Dr. Dobson has compiled an extensive list of the publicatio­ns and archival records that most researcher­s have not heard of. It would take years for any other individual to compile such a far-reaching bibliograp­hy and compilatio­n of relevant records in Scottish archives. David Dobson was born in 1940 in Carnoustie, Scotland, Most of his working life was spent at Madras College, St. Andrews. He has been an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, the University of Edinburgh, and at present, at the University of St. Andrews. He is the author of more than 200 books, including Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785, Scottish Trade with Colonial Charleston, 16831783, and numerous historical and genealogic­al source books. He now lives in Dundee and is working on further source books.

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