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Again, Rachel

- By Marian Keyes

The eagerly anticipate­d, long-awaited follow-up to Rachel's Holiday (1998) doesn't disappoint. After a stint in rehab, Rachel Walsh settles into a middle-class life - marriage, children, career, hobbies, etc. When a long-lost love reappears, she begins to question her choices and, as the past permeates her present, is at a loss for what to think, feel, and do. Bestsellin­g Irish scribe Marian Keyes is in fine form here, describing an avalanche of retrospect­ion that invokes regret, remorse, and what-could-have-been. Although trying at times with detail, the robust narrative arc breathes in the spaces that exist in-between the novel's characters - the sign of an experience­d author that knows what to leave out. While targeted to women, readers of all sorts will enjoy Rachel's mid-life ride.


Penguin Random House 576 pp / $24

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