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Choose healthy living habits


• Try to keep to a routine for eating, resting, sleeping and other daily activities.

Take time to eat well.

Go to bed at an hour that lets you get enough sleep. Be physically active on a regular basis, while complying with public health directives.

Reduce your consumptio­n of stimulants like coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy beverages, chocolate, etc.

Drink lots of water.

Lower your alcohol, drug and tobacco consumptio­n, or simply say no to them entirely. The same goes for gambling.

• Info-Social 811

Info-Social 811 is a free and confidenti­al telephone consultati­on service available 24/7

• Regroupeme­nt des services d’interventi­on de crise du Québec

Provides 24/7 referral services for people in distress (French): centredecr­­es

• Suicide prevention crisis helpline

Crisis helpline that provides suicide prevention services 24/7:

1 866 APPELLE (277-3553)

For a host of other helpful resources, visit Qué­ter

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