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Connie’s Pizza 801 Charlevoix

- 2045) Darcy MacDonald (514-932

Serving up fresh, quality comfort foods from the heart of Pointe St-Charles to the South West hoods of the city for over 50 years, Connie’s serves up the type of Quebec diner fare that actually tastes as good as it looks on the menu. Even if pan pizza fell out of favour with your family after the brief (but delicious) ’80s craze, Connie’s deep dish hits all the right notes, and any pizza fanatic would be remiss not to try out the “Connie’s Special” version — all dressed, with homemade meat sauce — at least once, regardless of any longstandi­ng thin-crust bias held. Speaking of that meat sauce, Connie’s spaghetti is a neighbourh­ood favourite, and their subs and clubs are on par with any self-respecting corner greasy spoon on the island. While I’d leave poutine to their neighbour, Paul Patate, the combos, pitas and pies at Connie’s are sure to please.

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