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Classic India 6914 Querbes

- (DoorDash, 438-387-7733) Lorraine Carpenter

This Parc Ex hole in the wall, a few minutes south of the Jean-Talon restaurant strip by foot, has been serving some of the best Indian fare in the city since late 2018, building a strong word of mouth game before and during the pandemic. Rich, hearty, high-quality and vegetarian-friendly (albeit with a lot of meat dishes including pretty killer butter chicken and fish curry), the food never fails to satisfy. One dish I discovered at Classic India (and have since tried at other restaurant­s, only to be disappoint­ed) is paneer bhurji, made with Indian cottage cheese, peppers and a tomato onion masala gravy — it’s incredible. Put this on fries and you’ve got the ultimate Indian poutine. They also flavour their biryanis with a touch of dried fruit, adding a nice fructose kick to a generous starchy dish. Word to the mild, medium and spicy: When ordering, whether by phone or website for pick-up or via DoorDash, don’t forget to choose your spice level.

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