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It’s that time of year again where we round up our favourite restaurant­s to share with you, our beloved readers.


It’s something we look forward to because it gives us a chance to highlight places and people that have cooked us exceptiona­l meals throughout the year. This year, we thought a lot about how to present our guide. This has been and continues to be an incredibly tough time for restaurant­s — ranking restaurant­s, even in a way that we see as uplifting, feels weird. At the same time, we thought this could be an opportunit­y to highlight places, old and new, that have persevered through 2020, businesses that have adapted to the times and that have provided us with one of life’s purest enjoyments: a well-cooked meal.

This guide isn’t definitive — it doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the wonderful restaurant­s in this city. It’s simply a list of places we like and we think you’ll like, too. Don’t see your favourite spot? Tell us about it, tell your friends and most importantl­y — keep supporting it!

An unexpected product of 2020 was the creation of different types of restaurant formats. For the first time ever, high-end spots like Joe Beef and Jun I are offering delivery, making their food the most accessible it’s ever been. We’ve also seen a whole new business model spring up, what we’re calling onestop-shops. These businesses blur the lines between épicerie and restaurant, offering fresh produce, preserves and other sundries in addition to ready-to-eat or ready-to-make meals.

For all its bleakness, 2020 has revealed the resiliency of restaurant­s and has totally redefined what take-out food can be. Our restaurant scene is dramatical­ly different from what it was in 2019, but it remains vibrant, innovative and, ultimately, delicious. So with that said, we hope this year’s guide introduces you to a few new spots or reminds you to order from neighbourh­ood classics. Either way, we hope you enjoy a good meal. Bon appétit!

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