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And now, back to our regularly scheduled programmin­g! After a month off from writing this column due to our annual Best of MTL results issue, I’m back with another trio of government­approved Devil’s Lettuce to inhale and wax poetic about. Since I was gifted another four weeks to take each of these strains for a test drive (not literally, obvi), I found myself smoking them in various situations — from the intriguing to the utterly mundane. Here’s how that went.


At just below 20% THC, this strain provides you with a euphoric high that hits your body harder than your mind. Nonetheles­s, it’s a good one to take when in need of an energy boost, and/or the motivation to fill your day not simply with Miss Vickies-fuelled binge watching. True to its name, Namaste Lemon also gives you a fruity taste while inhaling. Best of all? It’s a good strain if you want to stay invested in the music you’re listening to (in my case, Dinosaur Jr.’s bizarre effects-laden cover of the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”) or the show you’re watching. For me, the latter involved the season 5 premiere of Rick and Morty. This strain certainly helps give you a more visceral watch of the episode. When a strain hits you hard enough that you find yourself being too entranced by the show to even think about its toxic fanbase, it’s done its job. 8.5/10


When the provincial­ly imposed curfew finally lifted less than a month ago, this was the first strain I smoked in celebratio­n. This Canopy Growth-powered strain is one that burns smoothly, and leaves you with warm feelings of relaxation and contentmen­t. Unfortunat­ely, it’s also one that tends to leave you rather couch-locked. How couch-locked, you ask? Enough that I found myself essentiall­y chained to my office chair one day after smoking it, right before

I’d planned to go out for a long walk (which I eventually managed to do). It’s a potent high at 20%, and a pleasant one, at that. But if you decide to go for a long stroll outside, your legs miiiiiight feel a bit heavy. Mine sure did. 7.5/10


This one definitely has the best artwork and logo of the three, and the high itself is a pretty decent one, to boot. It’s straightfo­rward just like its branding, and definitely just a touch too dry. That said, it packs a bigger punch than the other two, and leaves me feeling RIPPED while out walking aimlessly through Parc Laurier. While not boasting a particular­ly distinctiv­e sensation or taste, it seems like a good one to take in situations where you need a nice head high to keep yourself calm and evenkeeled. During a highly stressful Game 7 against the Leafs, this is exactly what I used it for. On the flip side, it’s also great for watching the Habs’ sheer domination against the Jets. Perhaps I’ll need to reload for the Tampa series? In any case, Go Habs Go! 8/10

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