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letter from the editor

- Lorraine Carpenter Editor in chief, Cult MTL

Hey students,

Welcome back, and welcome to Cult MTL’s 10th annual Student Survival Guide.

Life is not quite back to normal thanks to the fourth wave, but after last year’s social distance, at least students are returning to class and some semblance of campus life. The city isn’t buzzing like it used to, but there’s hope on the horizon. Even as temperatur­es dip, Montreal is offering enough activity and entertainm­ent, in-person and online, to get you through the year. Balancing your studies with a safe and rewarding social life is doable, and affordable.

Let us steer you. Because that's what we do.

Along with offering a pile of practical informatio­n to help you navigate the city and make the best use of its many services in this second year of COVID, this guide features pointers on Montreal food, nightlife, shopping and art, along with loads of other leisure activities, from cycling to spas.

All this is in keeping with the content in our magazine and on our website. Our site is teeming with news about what’s happening in the city. And our Best of MTL readers poll results reflect everything our audience loves about this town.

Cult MTL is Montreal's only online source of comprehens­ive cultural coverage. We write about the city's festivals, music news, films, the restaurant scene, politics, sports and more.

So read this guide, keep it handy, look for our monthly magazines, find us online at and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And as you make your way through this semester, and semesters to come, know that we're here for you. Stay safe, work hard, have fun — and please vote in the federal election on Sept. 20. Your voice needs to be heard. Register to vote or check your registrati­on status at

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