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Backxwash: Things I need to survive


In honour of the Student Survival Guide, Cult MTL asked Montreal musician Backxwash — who’s playing POP Montreal on Sept. 26 — to list five things that are key to her personal survival.


Music is just something that is extremely important in my life. It plays a central role in myself as a person. It influences my emotions and allows me to express myself the way that I want. I am lucky enough to have that relationsh­ip with it.

Mechant Vaporwave

They are my partner in crime and I am happy to be able to share these experience­s with them. They have helped me grow from a personal and just artistic perspectiv­e.


Mentok is my cat and she is the greatest cat in the whole wide world.

Laptop or computer

This holds a lot of valuable informatio­n for me. A lot of my ideas live in this dumb rock that I carry around and I would be bummed if it was lost.

Affordable health (socialism in general)

As a trans person and just a person existing in the current climate, this is one of the most important things. Actually, from a pure socialism perspectiv­e, more things need to be affordable in order for us as humans to be able to live. Capitalism is doing a lot of damage to the general wellbeing of humans. We need people to be able to gain access to facilities from an equal playing field. Jeff Bezos became richer over the pandemic, and that is ridiculous.

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