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The word Fa­sching dates back to the 13th Cen­tu­ry and so­me say is de­ri­ved from the Ger­ma­nic word vas­chanc or vaschang. In mo­dern Ger­man this me­ans “Fas­ten­schrank” or the last ser­ving of al­co­ho­lic be­ver­a­ges be­fo­re Lent.

In 2018, un­for­t­u­n­a­te­ly for tho­se of us who ce­le­bra­te Va­len­ti­ne’s day (Fe­bru­ary 14) with a nice din­ner & des­sert, will be the first day of Lent and it will end on Thurs­day, March 29th.

Kar­ne­val is a ne­wer, mo­re re­cent La­tin-ba­sed word bor­ro­wed from French & Ita­li­an. The pa­ra­de still in­clu­des pa­ra­des, masks and mas­quer­a­de balls.

Fi­nal­ly, Fast­nacht, re­fers to the car­ni­val found in Ba­den Würt­tem­berg, Fran­co­nia and is ba­sed on an old Ger­man word “fa­san”, which me­ans to be foo­lish, sil­ly and wild. Which one do you ce­le­bra­te?

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