Ger­man Ca­na­di­an Ca­re Ho­me

Has now si­gned an Agree­ment with Van­cou­ver Co­as­tal He­alth

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Van­cou­ver, BC – Van­cou­ver Co­as­tal He­alth has si­gned an agree­ment with the Ger­man Ca­na­di­an Be­ne­vo­lent So­cie­ty to re­build and ex­pand the Ger­man Ca­na­di­an Ca­re Ho­me in South Van­cou­ver. The exis­ting fa­ci­li­ty will be de­mo­lis­hed and re­pla­ced with a lar­ger ca­re ho­me with 18 ad­di­tio­nal beds, for a to­tal of 160-beds, 10 of which will be pri­va­te pay.

“The Ger­man Ca­na­di­an Ca­re Ho­me has pro­vi­ded com­pas­sio­na­te ca­re for de­ca­des, en­riching the li­ves of its re­si­dents through the ma­ny ser­vices that are pro­vi­ded,” said Van­cou­ver-fra­ser­view MLA Su­zan­ne An­ton. “The new ca­re ho­me will ma­ke su­re re­si­dents con­ti­nue to re­cei­ve qua­li­ty ca­re.”

“This is a si­gni­fi­cant step in mee­ting the ca­re nee­ds of Van­cou­ver re­si­dents,” said Lau­ra Ca­se, Chief Ope­ra­ting Of­fi­cer, Van­cou­ver Co­as­tal He­alth. “It will en­han­ce re­si­dents’ pri­va­cy and the ex­pe­ri­ence of ca­re by of­fe­ring sing­le rooms, pri­va­te wa­shrooms, out­door ter­ra­ces, and bet­ter ac­cess for whee­l­chairs.”

The new fa­ci­li­ty will ha­ve se­veral small ho­mes wi­t­hin a sing­le buil­ding. This mo­del is known as ‘ho­me and neigh­bourhood de­sign’ and is con­side­red a best prac­tice in re­si­den­ti­al ca­re.

The Ger­man Ca­na­di­an Be­ne­vo­lent So­cie­ty en­vi­si­ons the new ca­re ho­me will al­so pro­vi­de ser­vices to se­ni­ors li­ving in the com­mu­ni­ty, which may in­clu­de adult day ca­re, the­ra­peu­tic ba­thing, re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on ser­vices, edu­ca­ti­on for in­for­mal ca­re gi­vers, and social ac­tivi­ties that en­cou­ra­ge com­mu­ni­ty in­ter­ac­tion and par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on. Com­ple­ti­on is sche­du­led for la­te 2022. Van­cou­ver Co­as­tal He­alth will pro­vi­de ope­ra­tio­nal fun­ding for the new fa­ci­li­ty.

The exis­ting ca­re fa­ci­li­ty has be­en ser­ving the com­mu­ni­ty sin­ce 1969. It in­clu­des Van­cou­ver’s lar­gest spe­cial­ca­re unit for re­si­dents with de­men­tia. The po­pu­la­ti­on is eth­ni­cal­ly di­ver­se, with 30 per­cent of the re­si­dents of Ger­man de­scent. “Alt­hough the ho­me has ser­ved the com­mu­ni­ty well for ma­ny ye­ars, the exis­ting fa­ci­li­ty is out­da­ted, with long nar­row hall­ways and ma­ny dou­ble rooms,” said Lau­ra Ca­se.

The cur­rent ca­re ho­me will clo­se in 2018 to pre­pa­re for de­mo­li­ti­on and con­struc­tion. VCH and the Ger­man Ca­na­di­an Ca­re Ho­me will de­ve­lop com­pre­hen­si­ve tran­si­ti­on plans for each re­si­dent to al­low for a smooth tran­si­ti­on to ano­ther fa­ci­li­ty. Whe­re­ver pos­si­ble, re­si­dents will be pla­ced in their pre­fer­red lo­ca­ti­on. Staff will al­so be sup­por­ted du­ring the tran­si­ti­on.

With the si­gning of the agree­ment with the Ger­man Ca­na­di­an Be­ne­vo­lent So­cie­ty, Van­cou­ver Co­as­tal He­alth has com­ple­ted the pro­cu­re­ment pha­se of their Re­gio­nal Re­si­den­ti­al Ca­re Re­ju­ve­na­ti­on pro­ject. It fol­lows a ri­go­rous pro­cess to re­place se­veral hund­red beds in re­si­den­ti­al ca­re cen­tres that no lon­ger ful­ly meet re­si­dent nee­ds, and to si­gni­fi­cant­ly in­crea­se the num­ber of beds in com­mu­nities that cur­rent­ly don’t ha­ve an ade­qua­te sup­p­ly for the po­pu­la­ti­on they ser­ve.

To date, Van­cou­ver Co­as­tal He­alth has si­gned agree­ments for 943 beds in eight new and ex­pan­ded fa­ci­li­ties over the next six ye­ars. VCH, li­ke ma­ny he­alth aut­ho­ri­ties, is plan­ning ahead to meet the com­plex re­si­den­ti­al ca­re nee­ds of peop­le li­ving in our re­gi­on who can no lon­ger live safe­ly at ho­me with sup­port.

Van­cou­ver Co­as­tal He­alth is re­s­pon­si­ble for the de­li­very of $3.2 bil­li­on in com­mu­ni­ty, ho­s­pi­tal and re­si­den­ti­al ca­re to mo­re than one mil­li­on peop­le in com­mu­nities in­clu­ding Richmond, Van­cou­ver, the North Sho­re, Sunshi­ne Co­ast, Sea to Sky cor­ri­dor, Po­well Ri­ver, Bel­la Bel­la and Bel­la Coo­la.­re-ho­me/re­de­ve­lop­ment­pro­po­sal/

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