Ja­nu­a­ry/fe­bru­ary 2018 Events

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GLOBE FO­RUM 2018 - March 14 to 16 - Le­a­dership Sum­mit for Sustainable Bu­si­ness

Bu­si­ness, Go­vern­ment and ci­vil so­cie­ty lea­ders find in­spi­ra­ti­on, con­nec­tions, and new op­por­tu­nities in the cle­an eco­no­my. Mo­re than 2,000 de­ci­si­on ma­kers will co­me to­ge­ther to sha­re in­sights, find in­spi­ra­ti­on, ma­ke con­nec­tions and iden­ti­fy and ad­van­ce cle­an-growth op­por­tu­nities. The the­me for 2018 will be a”dis­rup­t­ing Bu­si­ness as Usu­al.”

Mo­re than 2,000 lea­ders from over 50 coun­tries will co­me to­ge­ther to ad­van­ce glo­bal bu­si­ness and sustaina­bi­li­ty agen­das with a mix of arm­chair dia­lo­gues, round­ta­bles, sa­lon-style gathe­rings, li­vely de­ba­tes, SPARK talks and op­por­tu­nities for ac­tive par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on. You will find vi­sio­na­ries, en­tre­pre­neurs, po­li­cy ma­kers, For­tu­ne 500 lea­ders and others who are ho­ping to sol­ve big chal­len­ges and crea­te new op­por­tu­nities.



2018 Up­co­m­ing Art Ex­hi­bi­ti­ons - March 3 to May 21, 2018

Li­ving, Buil­ding, Thin­king: art & ex­pres­sio­nism

Li­ving, Buil­ding, Thin­king is com­pri­sed of mo­re than 90 works in all me­di­ums, in­clu­ding ex­am­ples of Eu­ro­pean art from the 16th to ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ries by Wil­li­am Bla­ke, Paul Gau­gu­in and Ed­vard Munch. Al­so high­ligh­ted are striking works from the Ger­man Ex­pres­sio­nist and Wei­mar pe­ri­od, as well as mid-to-la­te 20th cen­tu­ry Eu­ro­pean pain­tings by ar­tists li­ke Jörg Im­men­dorf, Ans­lem Kie­fer and Sig­mar Pol­ke. Ca­na­di­an con­tem­pora­ry works by ar­tists such as Bar­ba­ra Ast­man, Bet­ty Good­win, Na­ta­l­ka Hu­sar, Nan­cy John­son, Ga­ry Pe­ar­son, Leo­pold Plo­tek and To­ny Scher­man de­mons­tra­te the las­ting le­ga­cies of Ex­pres­sio­nism.



FI­FA World Cup 2018 - Ju­ne 14 to Ju­ly 15, 2018

Group F of the 2018 FI­FA World Cup Rus­sia con­ta­ins Ger­ma­ny and Me­xi­co, Swe­den and the Ko­re­an Re­pu­blic. The Ger­m­ans, who are four-ti­me world cham­pi­ons and cur­rent FI­FA Con­fe­de­ra­ti­ons Cup hol­ders are ex­pec­ted to top this group. Ger­ma­ny and Me­xi­co met in the se­mi-fi­nal of the FI­FA Con­fe­ra­ti­ons Cup Rus­sia in Ju­ne 2017. The Ger­m­ans won 4 to 1. The 2018 Ga­mes will be Ju­ne 17 Ger­ma­ny vs. Me­xi­co in Moscow, Ju­ne 23 Ger­ma­ny vs. Swe­den in Sochi and fi­nal­ly Ju­ne 27 with South Ko­rea vs. Ger­ma­ny in Ka­zan.

Ger­m­ans World Cup His­to­ry is win­ning 4 Cham­pi­ons­hips, ha­ving 9 fi­nal ap­pearan­ces, 13 Se­mi­fi­nals and 18 first Sta­ge ap­pearan­ces. The Coach, Joa­chim Low, has be­en ser­ving sin­ce 2006, and be­fo­re that worked as an as­sis­tant to Jur­gen Klins­mann. The Ger­man star is mid­fi­le­der To­ni Kroos and the best goa­lie is Ma­nu­el Neu­er


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