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The Blen­heim, for­mer­ly “Dis­place Has­he­ry” is the ne­west Ger­man Re­stau­rant in Van­cou­ver and has be­en ow­ned by Uwe Boll (yes, of Bau­haus fa­me) sin­ce Oc­to­ber 12, 2017.

This place is now tran­si­tio­n­ing from the ty­pi­cal “bur­ger & beer” me­nu to “tas­ty lo­cal or­ga­nic food and lo­cal craft brews”, free live events and even­tual­ly one of the best - up­dated - pa­ti­os in Kit­si­la­no.

The Re­stau­rant is go­ing through a pe­ri­od of tran­si­ti­on, but I ha­ve heard that as of Fe­bru­ary 2018, the­re will be so­me new me­nu items that will ap­peal to Ger­m­ans and tho­se who lo­ve Ger­man food.

Most im­port­ant­ly, the­re will be Ger­man beer on the me­nu star­ting in Ja­nu­a­ry. Star­ting in Fe­bru­ary, the­re will be two kinds of Schnit­zel and Cur­ry­wurst, as well as cheese­ca­ke and a re­vol­ving va­rie­ty of des­serts. Now I am get­ting hungry!

You can al­so join Uwe Boll du­ring Ju­ne 14, 2018 and Ju­ly 15, 2018 to watch the World Cup on one of the ma­ny TV’S in­si­de. Let’s see if Ger­ma­ny wins again, but even if not, it will still be fun to watch the ga­mes to­ge­ther.

Ad­dress 3293 W. 4th Ave, Van­cou­ver, BC V6K 1R8

Mail in­fo@dis­pla­ce­has­he­

Pho­ne 604-736-0212


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