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Ima­gi­ne a world whe­re we’re all in tu­ne with one ano­ther, whe­re we can all con­nect with one ano­ther through the po­wer of mu­sic, and whe­re ever­yo­ne has the chan­ce to de­ve­lop their uni­que voice. That’s my dream. It’s why I ha­ve ta­ken on the iden­ti­ty of Har­mo­ny, a su­per­he­ro with SOS Child­ren’s Vil­la­ge BC, and it’s why I car­ry a su­per­powe­r­ed tu­ning fork. I want us all to “tu­ne in” to the chal­len­ges that vul­nerable child­ren and youth face, and to work to­ge­ther to help them over­co­me tho­se chal­len­ges and ac­com­plish their dreams. To do that, I’ll need your help!

Clas­si­fied In­for­ma­ti­on

The Sounds of Learning mu­sic pro­gram gi­ves fos­ter child­ren at the SOS Child­ren’s Vil­la­ge, and other at-risk child­ren and youth in the com­mu­ni­ty, the op­por­tu­ni­ty to dis­co­ver their abili­ties and to sha­re the joy of ma­king mu­sic with others. For the­se kids, who are iso­la­ted and mar­gi­na­li­zed, who strugg­le in school and ha­ve trou­ble ma­king fri­ends, who batt­le against learning disa­bi­li­ties, Fe­tal Al­co­hol Syn­dro­me and his­to­ries of trau­ma and ne­glect, mu­sic can open new worlds. Doe­sn’t ever­yo­ne de­ser­ve the chan­ce to ex­pe­ri­ence the ma­gic of mu­sic?

You can ma­ke that ma­gic pos­si­ble. Your do­na­ti­on to the Sounds of Learning mu­sic pro­gram will help a child in your com­mu­ni­ty to over­co­me ef­fects of ne­glect, abu­se, and aban­don­ment. It will in­tro­du­ce

By Gi­ving to SOS BC You Will Re­cei­ve:

• a tax re­ce­ipt for gifts of $20 or mo­re

• spe­cial in­vi­ta­ti­ons to an­nu­al com­mu­ni­ty events

• a quar­ter­ly news­let­ter with up­dates on how your gift is hel­ping a child to a world of sound and rhythm, a world whe­re they can ex­press them­sel­ves wi­thout fe­ar, and with joy. The con­fi­dence and in­crea­sed self-es­te­em that child­ren de­ve­lop through ear­ly ex­pe­ri­en­ces with mu­sic can sup­port them through their who­le li­ves. By brin­ging mu­sic to a child, you can be part of buil­ding a bet­ter fu­ture for them, and for your who­le com­mu­ni­ty.

De­ar Fri­end,

As Har­mo­ny, it’s my mis­si­on to bring Sounds of Learning to vul­nerable fos­ter kids. With so ma­ny chal­len­ges in their li­ves, it’s ea­sy to see why ma­ny of the­se kids end up on the streets. Yet gi­ve them a chan­ce to dis­co­ver a po­si­ti­ve form of self-ex­pres­si­on through mu­sic, and to ex­pe­ri­ence the ma­gic and free­dom of mu­si­cal ex­pres­si­on, and the fu­ture for the­se child­ren can look very dif­fe­rent.

Un­der­co­ver Su­per­he­ro

Mu­sic can gi­ve a child who has ne­ver felt safe a way to ex­press them­sel­ves wi­thout fe­ar of being jud­ged or pu­nis­hed. Crea­ting mu­sic can gi­ve a child who has ne­ver known suc­cess a re­a­son to feel proud of them­sel­ves. It can gi­ve a child ho­pe. It can teach a child to dream. The Sounds of Learning mu­sic pro­gram at SOS Child­ren’s Vil­la­ge BC is sim­ple, but in­credi­b­ly power­ful. It chan­ges li­ves. So can you -- by do­na­ting to­day to bring mu­sic in­to a child’s world.

Your do­na­ti­on will help your com­mu­ni­ty, by gi­ving mar­gi­na­li­zed and ne­glec­ted child­ren ho­pe for them­sel­ves and their fu­ture. Through your ge­nerous gift, you can put a child or youth on the path to de­ve­lo­ping a suc­cess­ful, in­de­pen­dent li­fe.

Plea­se do­na­te now and help the team of un­der­co­ver su­per­he­roes at SOS BC to bring mu­sic and ho­pe in­to the li­ves of vul­nerable child­ren through the Sounds of Learning pro­gram.

SOS Child­ren’s Vil­la­ges is the lar­gest pri­va­te­ly fun­ded child de­ve­lop­ment or­ga­niza­t­i­on in the world for or­pha­ned/ aban­do­ned child­ren, ope­ra­ting over 572 vil­la­ges in 134 coun­tries. SOS BC is the on­ly Vil­la­ge in Ca­na­da. We pro­vi­de ho­mes, a sup­por­ti­ve com­mu­ni­ty, and pro­grams to help fos­ter child­ren and youth in need grow in­to ca­ring, self-re­li­ant adults. We are fi­nan­ci­al­ly au­to­no­mous from SOS Child­ren’s Vil­la­ges Ca­na­da and re­cei­ve on­ly 6% of our fun­ding from the pro­vin­ci­al go­vern­ment and no fe­deral fun­ding.

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