136 Wa­ter­front Pro­per­ty for sa­le in the Sunshi­ne Co­ast at Jer­vis In­let

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Ran­dall Cur­rie is the ow­ner of the 136 acre Dark Co­ve site on Jer­vis in­let. He al­so plans to build a “Wel­co­me Cent­re” at the Moc­ca­sin Co­ve sta­ging site, just across the wa­ter.

Cur­rie’s Vi­si­on is to ta­ke this wa­ter­front pro­per­ty that is still ba­si­cal­ly un­tou­ched wil­der­ness on the far si­de of the Jer­vis In­let to build in­fra­struc­tu­re and site ser­vices with the help of one or mo­re part­ners. Fa­ci­li­ties in­clu­de a ho­tel with 30 ho­tel sui­tes, 10 spa sui­tes, 40 vil­las, a 17,000 sq. ft. spa with a dia­gnostic and well­ness cent­re and a 60-berth floa­ting ma­ri­na with re­stau­rant, boat moor­a­ge & float pla­ne dock,.

The Moc­ca­sin Co­ve Val­ley Wel­co­me Cent­re would in in­clu­de a ser­vice buil­ding, lo­gis­tics in­fra­struc­tu­re, par­king, sta­ging fa­ci­li­ties and a boat launch for the boat that would ta­ke cli­ents across the in­let to their ho­tel sui­te or pri­va­te vil­la. It is in Eg­mont next to the BC Fer­ry Ter­mi­nal.

This pro­ject is being mar­ke­ted in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly by Sothe­bys, who be­lie­ves that the sa­les pri­ce of re­al es­ta­te in the in­let is ap­prox. $1,000 per sq. ft., in li­ne with in­ter­na­tio­nal buy­ers.

The 136 acre site sits at the sou­thern tip of the opening of Jer­vis In­let, one of Bri­tish Co­lum­bia’s de­epest and most fa­med wa­ter pas­sa­ges lea­ding to Prin­cess Loui­sa In­let to the north. Pri­ma­ri­ly ori­en­ted east­wards towards the Co­ast moun­tain ran­ge, the site ri­ses al­most 250 me­ters from sea to fo­rest, con­tai­ning a com­bi­na­ti­on of se­cond growth fo­rest, ra­vi­nes, springs, wa­ter­falls and ne­wer growth al­ders and ce­dars in are­as that ha­ve be­en mo­re re­cent­ly log­ged.

Ac­cess to the site will oc­cur via a short sea­pla­ne ri­de from Van­cou­ver, Na­nai­mo, Co­m­ox, or Whist­ler or by wa­ter ta­xi from Mo­cas­sin Val­ley to the south. Boa­ting, ka­ya­king, fis­hing, di­ving, cross coun­try ski­ing, snow snow­mo­bi­ling, as well as di­ning will all em­pha­si­ze the con­nec­tion to wa­ter and the li­fe it con­ta­ins.

If you or so­meo­ne you know is in­te­rested in this pro ject, plea­se con­tact El­ke Por­ter with “West­coat De­lu­xe De­ve­lop­ments” (on Face­book) 604 828 8788 or send your feed­back or ques­ti­ons to ad­min@west­co­ast­german­news.com.

Left to Right: Spa, Spa Sui­tes, Wa­ter­front Ho­tel Sui­tes, Sum­mer Pool with the ho­tel li­ving & di­ning rooms at the bot­tom - from the Rain­fo­rest Ra­vi­ne Sec­tion.

The ho­tel and vil­las will be built by Da­ko­ta Ridge and other contrac­tors out of tim­ber framed de­sign. The de­sign will en­com­pass glass on 4 si­des, as much as pos­si­ble to show the rock, moss, ferns s and the oce­an & moun­tain is­lands out front.

The full-ser­vice ma­ri­na would be for ho­tel guests, vil­la ow­ners, spa cli­ents & tou­rists who rent/own yachts.

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